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NYC Department of Buildings & DOB Now:

  • Alteration II (All interior/exterior renovation) Does not change use, egress or occupancy
  • Alteration I (changes the Certificate of Occupancy) issuance of new Certificate of Occupancy
  • “No Work Permits” (Legalization) applications to remove work without a permit violations
  • All Applications (Proposed or Existing) We take on existing applications and finish them towards sign off. Issuance of Letter of completion or Final Certificate of Occupancy
  • Ground up Construction – (New Buildings)
  • Permits: General Construction Permits, Plumbing, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm and Mechanical
  • Issuance of Equipment Use Permit Cards
  • Permits: Structural work permits, Shoring and Bracing, all Concrete Permits, Footing & Foundation, Equipment Use Permit Cards

Additional Department of Buildings Services are as follows:

  • Permit Renewals, scheduling and attendance of inspections
  • Removal of all violations
  • Post approval Amendments, Application changes, Withdrawals & Reinstatements
  • Letter of Completion (Sign Off)
  • Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (New or Amended)
  • Stop Work Orders, Rescind Letters, Violation Search
  • Research, Removal/Dismissal of Violations, Certificate of Corrections


Landmark Preservation Commission: (LPC)

  • Interior & Exterior filings
  • Issuance of Landmark Work Permits
  • Removal of Landmark Violations
  • Determination and Public Hearings


Environmental Control Board: (ECB)

  • Violation Search
  • Attendance of ECB Hearings
  • Construction Violations
  • Occupancy Violations
  • Work Without a Permit Violations
  • Fine Reduction


New York City Surveyor’s Office:

  • Sub Division of Tax Lots
  • Tax Zoning Lot Mergers



  • Full FDNY Violation Search
  • Full FDNY Violation Dismissal
  • Application filings for FDNY approval
  • Fire Alarm permits


Housing Preservation and development (HPD):

  • Violation search
  • Attendance of inspections
  • Removal of Violations


The Loft Board:

  • Loft Board approvals for IMD Buildings


OER (Office Of Environmental Remediation)

  • OER application filings
  • OER Approvals


Additional services:

  • Detailed reports